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RepairDesk brings an all-in-one POS & repair management solution to watch & Jewelry repair that is efficient, effective and timesaving.

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watch & Jewelry repair MADE EASY, EFFICIENT & RELIABLE

Repair Ticketing, Invoicing, Inventory Management, Reporting and Everything in Between


Repair Ticket Management

Track repair tickets, monitor sales, manage customers and do much more from within a single platform.

Discounts & Notes
Pre- & Post-Repair Conditions Checklist
Repair Tracker Widget
Centralized Ticket History
One-Click Warranty Claim
Split Payments Between Multiple Tender Types


Our powerful inventory management system keeps you on top of all your inventory items, repair parts and accessories at all times.

Serialized Inventory
Manage Repairs & Inventory Bundles
Import or Export Product Catalogue
Inventory Control
Inventory Count
Print Barcodes & Labels


Handle invoicing and payments, get customer signatures, process warranties, offer discounts and manage your sales like never before with our easy-to-use POS software.

Cash In/Out with Shift Management
Multilingual POS For Multi-Language Customers
Customer Facing Display
Create and Print Custom Receipts, Invoices & Labels
Integrated Payment Processing
Search for Items, Tickets, Invoices or Customers

Other Features

RepairDesk isn't just your average POS system – it's a fully-featured repair management solution designed to take care of every aspect of your watch & jewelry repair business, so you don't have to!

Customer Facing Display

Streamline your checkout process, display order details, set terms & conditions, and save customers' signatures on a work order using a secondary tablet or screen.

Appointment Booking

Manage your calendar and provide customers the option to book appointments remotely so you can schedule your repair tasks with ease and maximum convenience.


Our reporting dashboard gives you the important insights you need to keep your business on the competitive edge.

Integrated Payments

Speed up your checkout process with integrated payments. Choose from a list of preferred payment methods and have customers make payments swiftly.

Employee Roles and Permissions

Assign Roles to your employees and enable Permissions to each role as you see fit. Grant and restrict access to virtually any feature of your system, and maintain control like never before.

Workflow Automation

Whether it's notifying customers through email and SMS, keeping your technicians updated with status reports, or staying in touch with your leads through your marketing campaigns, we do it all automatically.


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