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The freedom to view your business reports with RepairDesk Reports App
Do you want to check your reports on the go? If yes, then RepairDesk Reports App is the perfect way to go.

The RepairDesk Reports App gives users access to various reports on their smart devices for a more detailed overview of their business operations.

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Features Overview

All reports on one platform


The Reports Dashboard gives you an overview of the Total Sales, Tax Calculations, Discounts, Cost of Goods Sold (COGS), Net Profit, Total Refunds, and many other statistics to help keep track of your business operations.

sales reports

Stay on top of your sales activities through dedicated sales reports that break down your earnings clearly & help you chart your income.

inventory reports

Keep track of your stock with inventory reports that give an accurate summary of the items on-hand, consumed, in transit, etc.

employee reports

Never miss a beat when it comes to your employees. Get reports on employee activity, productivity, commissions, payroll and much more.

expense reports

Get a clear view of your business expenses with the RepairDesk Reports App. See what overheads and costs are tied to your business with easy-to-read reports.

real-time sync

Every report that you receive is updated in real-time and is accurate to the latest version across all platforms, so you always have access to the most recent data.

Why you should check it out

Complete view of
sales insight
Track your expenses


With the RepairDesk Reports App, you can have access to all your reports anywhere, anytime. The app is free to use, and allows you to perfectly see the various details and statistics regarding your profit margins. Some of the notable benefits of the RepairDesk Reports App are as follows:

  • View details through advanced filters

    The RepairDesk Reports App offers a wide variety of filters that lets you customize your view and see important details according to your business needs.

  • Better inventory management

    With quick access to inventory reports, you’ll have all the necessary information about your inventory levels, along with on-hand and low stock updates so that you are up to date on your inventory’s status.
  • Order the right products at the right time

    Insights about your most selling products are now at your fingertips, as is the ability to order them from your supplier at any time. Low stock reports offered in the RepairDesk App notify you about when your inventory is due for a restock.
  • Better customer & product management

    View customer trends, tickets, invoices and buying details, and determine your best-selling products and most loyal customers with an easy-to-use interface.
  • Make smart decisions through advanced reporting

    With a mobile-friendly dashboard and instant access to reports, you can view the performance of all your stores and identify important trends through key statistics and charts to help drive key decisions for your business growth.
  • See employee commissions, logs and payrolls

    View employee related information such as commissions, activity log and payroll with comprehensive employee reports. Track the performance and working hours of all your employees with the RepairDesk Reports App and optimize your workflow.