Looking for Auto Repair Shop Management Software?


RepairDesk is not just any POS software. It is a complete suite for all retail and repair needs that you require to manage your drone repair shop the way you've always imagined!


Repair Ticket Management

Enjoy total transparency throughout the repair process. Our repair ticket management module allows you to print barcode labels for damaged drones to easily track repairs. Offer quality service to your customers with ticket information updates, upload pre- and post-repair images, add technician comments, and send SMS/email alerts to customers.


Online Appointment Booking

RepairDesk's Appointment Booking widget allows your customers to book repair appointments through a web interface hosted on your own platform. With direct integration, all information flows from the website into the POS automatically, ensuring your staff knows when to expect a lead and what service they will be performing.


Point of Sale

With RepairDesk's point of sale, you can speed up your counter service and truly maintain a stress-free workflow. Cater to walk-in customers swiftly by booking work orders, creating repair estimates, printing instant receipts, or charging service tax, all from one screen. It also enables you to select from a variety of integrations based on your repair store's needs.

Add Diagnostic Notes

Add Diagnostic Notes

Adding convenience to your workflow, there's an option to add special notes from customers when they bring in their drones at your repair store. These public notes can be seen by both repair technicians and customers, and are mentioned in the invoice as well. You can add a diagnostic note from the POS while creating a repair ticket, or add one in an existing ticket easily.

Fast Warranty Claims

Fast Warranty Claims

Process warranties in a single click using the Warranty Claim feature. When a customer comes back with a faulty repair, you can easily enter the product's number and check their repair history, create a return ticket, and process their warranty claim without any confusion. RepairDesk helps make it simpler for all your warranty claims, so you can service your customers even better.


Customer Facing Display

Let your customers know exactly what they are paying for and how much it will cost in real-time. Our Customer Facing Display module allows your customers to view all aspects of their repair as you process them, so they can fine-tune their order and commit without any trouble. Collect e-signatures when the repair order is processed and effortlessly keep a record of customers' consent.



With our intuitive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, you can create customer profiles, add new customers directly from the POS screen, create customer groups, access repair tickets, invoices, payment history, or account receivables against any customer with a single click. Build stronger relationships with your customers and keep them in the loop effortlessly with RepairDesk.


Custom Fields

Create any number of fields that your drone repair shop requires, and personalize RepairDesk to suit your needs. Add drone configuration fields, special order notes, priority labels, or anything else that's important to your workflow for a system that's tuned specially for you. Creating customized fields give your technicians clarity on repair jobs across the board, and lets RepairDesk fit perfectly with all your processes.


Email & SMS Alerts

Send email & SMS notifications to targeted users when specific actions trigger in RepairDesk. Notify them when their repair order is completed, in-progress, ready to pick-up, or requires special parts for repairing. RepairDesk helps in building long-lasting relationships with your valued customers and promote repeat business.


Inventory Management

Keep your inventory streamlined at all times. RepairDesk allows you to print barcode labels for identification, set reorder levels for your inventory, get low stock alerts, and add items to purchase orders for your suppliers. Easily buy & sell pre-owned devices, create serials, and perform inventory counts right within your drone repair shop software.



Step into the world of smart reporting and know precisely what you have and where you stand across all store locations. Our intuitive reporting dashboard gives comprehensive and meaningful insights for increased business revenue & better management. Get easy-to-understand reports for every day, week or month so you can start making better decisions instantly.



Enjoy versatility like never before with our multilingual translation engine. RepairDesk can translate different modules like point-of-sale, tickets, invoices, purchase orders, and inventory in your primary language. Working with a drone repair POS software in your native language makes it a lot easier for you to manage your business efficiently and effectively.


Plans to help you grow your business


Startups with basic operation

$50 /
billed monthly
per month, billed annually
1 Store
1 User Account
75 tickets & invoices per month
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Ideal for high volume repair store

$75 $68 /
billed monthly
1 Store
4 Employee Accounts
unlimited tickets, invoices & customers
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Established stores with a focus on customer retention

$125 $112.50 /
billed monthly
1 Store
10 Employee Accounts
Loyalty, Gift card, Store Credits & more
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All the Answers You're Looking For

  • How long are your contracts?

    You can upgrade, downgrade, or make changes to the store locations and employee accounts at any time with your subscribed plan. If for any reason you don't like RepairDesk, you can cancel at any time without an additional fee.
  • I am a startup, do you have a cheaper plan for me?

    If you're a budding company looking to branch out, we've got a Lite+ plan for you that takes care of your needs. If you'd like more features, you can sign up for our Pro plan instead. RepairDesk offers you plans that are highly affordable and pack the most utility for your business, so you're always winning when you choose RepairDesk.
  • I currently use Xero / Quickbooks for accounting, does it integrate with RepairDesk?

    RepairDesk integrates smoothly with Xero and Quickbooks for online accounting. Simply link your account and have your data flow seamlessly between your POS and accounting software. You'll have access to the same amazing business insights without having to migrate any data manually.
  • I've been using the same merchant processor for years, can I still use it with RepairDesk?

    Payment is an important part of your business, and RepairDesk works with some of the leading payment processors to make sure you get your dues. Merchants such as PayPal Here , Square, TSYS, Paymentsense, Tyro and iZettle all work with RepairDesk, allowing you a variety of payment options either through cash, credit, debit or mobile payments. Our payment services vary depending on your region, and for more specific details, visit our Integrations page to learn more about the payment processors available for your area.
  • I have an online store, will RepairDesk integrate with it?

    RepairDesk works best with WooCommerce. If your online store is based on WooCommerce, you can connect it easily with RepairDesk through our integration. Once connected, all transactions should run smoothly between the two platforms. For other ecommerce solutions, you can always discuss with the RepairDesk support team to find out more.
  • I want to use RepairDesk on an iPad, is it going to work for me?

    Your iPad is completely supported by RepairDesk. Working on an iPad means you can process orders quicker, take the checkout process to your customers, and be more flexible with everything. Our dedicated iPad app does just that, and is available to download on the App Store right now.
  • Is there an offline mode?

    RepairDesk is a completely online solution, accessible from any device. Our customers love this about us, since you don't need to install anything to get started with RepairDesk. Since our software is on the cloud, you won't have to worry about offline backups or updates either – RepairDesk takes care of it all automatically. Simply open your web browser and start logging in your repair jobs. It's as simple as can be!
  • What about customer support?

    We have out-of-this-world customer support & you are always prioritized above anything and everything. If you ever run into a problem or cannot find what you are looking for, you can give us a call, chat with one of product specialists, or send us an email at [email protected]


I recommend RepairDesk to everyone in the sense that it's cost-efficient, it works well it's on a cloud base – you can use it on any particular device.

Bill Salih - Owner, A-One Mobiles

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