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A better experience, for you and your staff

Download MobileSentrix entire product catalogue for Canada or US store fronts in just 3 clicks.
While creating a purchase order on RepairDesk you can view real time inventory levels & unit cost from MobileSentrix.
A one button tap on a purchase order in RepairDesk will send items to MobileSentrix Shopping cart.
Get notification directly in RepairDesk whenever a new SKU is added on MobileSentrix US or Canada store front and add selected SKUs to your inventory with a single click

Why you will love MobileSentrix

Competitive Pricing
Because quality parts shouldn't cost you an arm and leg.
Lifetime Warranty
Because you should have a peace of mind regardless when you bought it.
Free Shipping & Latest Cut-Off Time
Shipping is free for FedEx Ground for $500 or more and Free 2 day for $1000 or more. Cut-Off time is 8PM EST.
LCD Buyback
MobileSentrix team will test your broken screens in 24-48 hours and payout is much more than the competition.

James Berry from Gadget Pro Tulsa, Oklahoma

Shane Moreland from AVIEPROS Frankfort, Kentucky

All the answers you're looking for

  • Does this integration work with both the US and Canada storefronts?

    Yes. Our integration with MobileSentrix allows you to order items from both the US and Canadian storefronts.
  • If I run the SKU Import Wizard again in RepairDesk, will it create duplicate items?

    No, if you've already run the SKU Import Wizard before, running it a second time will only update the list and not create duplicate entries into your system.
  • I have multiple store outlets, how will this integration work for me?

    Once you've connected your MobileSentrix and run the SKU Import Wizard, your inventory across all stores should be updated automatically.
  • MobileSentrix has developed a corporate website for our franchise store. Will this integration still work?

    At present, our integration works with the MobileSentrix main website. If you have a franchise store, please reach out to our product team so we can discuss the integration process.
  • MobileSentrix has set a special pricing model for our store. Will this integration display a discounted price?

    Yes. If you're a corporate customer, our integration will automatically a discounted price setup against individual SKUs.
  • Can I open a low stock report in RepairDesk and order stock from the MobileSentrix website?

    Absolutely. Opening a low stock report in RepairDesk will easily allow you to queue your items for purchase on the MobileSentrix website. You can send a request for multiple items in the same instance, and have them all in your MobileSentrix cart ready for purchase.