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Facing Display
Bring an all-new dimension to the RepairDesk POS experience that helps your counter service staff & lets customers visually confirm orders.

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Enhance customer experience with convenience

Process orders with greater accuracy and have customers sign off on them digitally to show their acceptance before or after a repair is completed. Our Customer Facing Display is the perfect companion for RepairDesk and allows you to streamline the checkout process through a secondary screen with ease.

RepairDesk owners can use the Customer Facing Display for the following:

Display unique splash screens & special promotions to boost your business
Present detailed order information in real-time
Show device pre- and post-repair conditions along with diagnostic notes
Save customer signatures against every repair ticket, every time

Engage customers with every transaction

With a streamlined interface that shows all the information a customer requires, the Customer Facing Display ensures that your clients are well-informed and engaged with every transaction that takes place.


Personalize your store experience

You can use the Customer Facing Display to promote your repair shop business with a personalized splash screen and display special offers on your recommended products, giving a unique look to your interface and generating more sales.




Improve Accuracy

Let customers know exactly what they are paying for and how much it will cost in real-time so they can fine tune their order and commit.


Collect Signatures Effortlessly

Get authorization from your clients on payments before or after repairs through a streamlined interface without any hassle for verification and compliance.


Promote Your Business*

Increase attachment rate with paid add-ons that automatically display popular items based on customer selection, offer extended warranties, and the option for service staff to collect gratuity from customers.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I customize the splash image on my customer display?

    Once you have Customer Facing Display enabled on your POS, from your Dashboard, select "Integrations" from the top-right menu, then select "Customer Facing Display" and click on "Configuration Settings".

    From here, scroll down to the "Customize Front Facing Slide" section and tap "Upload File". Once you’ve selected the file to upload, click "Save" and your splash screen will be changed.
  • Is there any setup required?

    Ensure that both the POS and Customer Facing Display are connected to the same register. They should be able to communicate nicely with each other. If you have only one register, everything has already been set up.
  • Do I need an internet connection?

    Yes, the Customer Facing Display will only work if your system is connected to the internet.
  • How much does it cost?

    There is absolutely no cost for using the Customer Facing Display. It is completely free!
  • What does it work on?

    The Customer Facing Display is designed to work with any Apple iPad or Android-enabled tablet.
  • Can I use it with multiple cash registers?

    Yes. Our Customer Facing Display allows multiple devices to be connected to different cash registers.

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