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Integrated Payments


We're thrilled to unveil TSYS that lets you accept credit card payments directly from Point of Sale. It’s
the most reliable, efficient and powerful credit card payment solution available to merchants in USA.

Integrated Payments

Simplify chip card transactions with ChipIQ™ technology built into its Genius® platform and achieve EMV processing times of just 3.66 seconds. Simply swipe a debit or credit card using customer facing Genius terminal and RepairDesk sends required information to TSYS and receives a confirmation code which is matched and stored with the POS transaction.

One-box solution

Genius consolidates all the payment devices you currently use.

  • Eliminates need for multiple terminals
  • Accepts multiple payment types:
  • swipe, PIN Debit, mobile, and EMV
  • Comes with award-winning 24/7 support
  • Enables remote software updates

Digital Signatures

Increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve chargeback handling by digitally capturing and storing customer signatures on work orders.

Start Processing Payment with TSYS

Benefits of Integrated Payments

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