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Advanced tools, designed for startups!

Let's win together. RepairDesk Lite+ is designed for repair startups and hobbyists with all the professional tools they need, so they can manage repair tickets, job tracking, and invoicing with ease.
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Keep your work on point

With 75 tickets & invoices per month and 1 admin account, your workflow will be as smooth and organized as ever. Get the professional tools you need to make your business a roaring success.
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Unparalleled control over your business

Everything from tickets to invoices, inventory counts to reports, POS to Customer Facing Display support is unlocked with RepairDesk Lite+. Maintain total control of your business and let it fly even higher than before.
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Bring the action to your customers

With iPad support now included, you can process your customers while on the move and take signatures from them easily with our iPad app. Unshackle your system and deliver a truly mobile experience.
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