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RepairDesk payments terminal

Save time with scheduled invoicing

Quickly set up subscription plans for your customers and go automatic with recurring billing. The system will send out invoices to the customers as per their billing schedule, saving you time and bringing you dollars.
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Receive payments better and faster

Choose between cash, check, card, and online payments for each customer as their payment method. With customized and scheduled invoices in their inbox, your customers will be sure to pay you on time.
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Use Recurring Billing for a Variety of Services

For customers who can't pay you right away for repairs or purchases.
Service Contracts
For customer groups who prefer monthly, bimonthly, or weekly payments for your repair services.
Device Protection Plans
For customers with high rates of device damages who want monthly protection plans.
Remote Support
For providing remote diagnostic or repair services to stay-at-home/office customers.
Enjoy Recurring Billing as part of the RepairDesk Enterprise Plan along with other exciting features such as Loyalty Program and Store Credits.

Upgrade to Enterprise Plan
Get Recurring Billing as a separate module for RepairDesk Lite+ and Professional for $299 per year. Add on to your existing plan for maximum ease and convenience.

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All the Answers You're Looking for

  • Why do I need recurring invoicing and payments feature?

    RepairDesk Recurring Payments feature will save you from chasing down your customers for their scheduled payments. It will cut down your manual work and automate the process of sending out recurring invoices to customers as well as receiving the due payments.
  • How do recurring payments work?

    You can add new subscription plans for your and choose a payment method as per customer preferences. The invoicing schedule and payment method information will be stored in the POS system. Our software will send out automated invoices to your customer as per their payment schedule and you will receive timely payments for the recurring invoices. For a visual demonstration of this feature, please watch this video.
  • How can customers pay for their recurring invoices?

    RepairDesk Recurring Payments feature offers multiple payment methods.

    1. Manual (cash and check payments)
    2. Automatic (card and online payments)
    You can choose one method for each customers subscription plan as per their preferences and they will be billed accordingly.
  • How will I receive payments?

    If you've selected manual payment method for a customer, he/she will pay you with cash or by a check, so no problem there. For automatic payments, you can either save and authorize customer's credit card information in your POS system so they are billed automatically for all their recurring invoices, or select the online payment option in their subscription plan and the system will automatically send them their recurring invoice with a Pay Now button.
  • Can I get the Recurring Payments feature without upgrading to the Enterprise Plan?

    Yes, you can get Recurring Payments as a separate module to go with your RepairDesk Lite+ or Professional accounts in just $299 for a whole year.

Recurring Billing At Your Repair Store Will
Drive more sales with "Buy Now, Pay Later" plans
Save time with scheduled invoicing
Receive payments better and faster
No more chasing down customers


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