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ReVamp Wholesale Electronic Parts Ordering
Integration with RepairDesk

ReVamp Wholesale is a leading wireless repair parts and accessories distributor with a great community dedicated to
supplying customers with the top quality repair parts in USA!

Now never run out of stock and order parts on the go
with ReVamp Wholesale E-Ordering Integration.

To those of you who use a Point of Sale (POS) system, electronic inventory management is imperative in keeping your stock levels stable and your customers happy. That's why we're happy to announce that we're now integrated with RepairDesk, a POS system designed specifically tailored to your repair shop needs.

With our RepairDesk integration, you will be able to:

Add stockout parts to your RepairDesk Purchase Order

Add parts to your shopping cart on the ReVamp Wholesale website via the RepairDesk API

View our real-time inventory levels

Automatically update your inventory by receiving goods when your order arrives

How the ReVamp Wholesale Integration Works?

Every thing you need to manage and update inventory and parts

The integration is smart enough to provide updates when you make changes to your ReVamp cart and will update your RepairDesk Purchase Order with prompts for any changes or additions. For step-by-step instruction please visit our Knowledgebase