Looking for Auto Repair Shop Management Software?

The World's First iPad POS
exclusively for repair stores
Create tickets, accept signatures, and process payments with an iPad POS.
No credit card required
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Manage your Shop with your iPad

Repair shop management on the go Serve your customers by creating repair tickets in seconds. Select service items, add diagnostic notes and take deposits easily.
Intuitive design and lightning-fast processing An easy-to-use interface and robust features means you'll have more time to spend on repairs.
Offline mode Process orders offline and sync up automatically when you’re back online.
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A full suite of retail features at your fingertips

Customer Facing Display Display order details & collect customer consent signatures before or after a repair is completed.
Inventory Control Track actual inventory costs using Serialized, FIFO, LIFO or Weighted Average Cost methods, and monitor product levels.
Shift Management Take control of your register & track cash movements between different shifts to reduce error, theft & discrepancies.

iPad POS Redefined

Leverage the power of a repair shop management system right from your iPad, with all the features of a complete system packed with the convenience of a mobile app, whether you’re online or offline.